Blue-Greenway workshop on Green Procurement Criteria

12 Sep 2023 | Events

The second BlueGreenWay (BGW) event in Cyprus was successfully organised by NMP Global Innovation Ltd for ATLANTIS Environment & Innovation on September 8, 2023. At the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Urban Development & the Environment, government officers, businesses from the agriculture and aquaculture sector, consultants and Academia, the key findings of the project were presented.
The BGW team highlighted the successes of the project particularly in developing a patentable new adsorptive material for the rehabilitation of eutrophic water bodies and in developing the BGW Green Procurement Platform. Both the public authorities and the business representatives showed a keen interest in the further demonstration and application of the results.
The need for this effort was well recognised and arises from the fact that eutrophication is a growing issue with implications both for the environment and the economy, and most notably food security. At the same time, implementation of the Green Public Procurement Directive, which Cyprus is required to implement as an EU member state, has been hindered by several technical and regulatory barriers pertaining to the enforcement of Green Criteria in public procurement.
NMP Global Innovation Ltd would like to thank the minister and all participants for their presence and their interest in the project.