Personalized Promotional and Networking Campaigns for Your Business.

3 May 2023 | Uncategorized

Dear Madam / Sir,

Creating and communicating a compelling value proposition is perhaps the most effective mechanism for attracting interest and business for your product or service. Virtually every new company, especially innovative companies, will invest resources in identifying their product’s innovative aspects and performance merits against competing products, and in defining their value proposition. Much less effort and attention, however, is put into preparing an equally effective promotion and communication strategy, whether for attracting investors, establishing relationships with collaborators reaching out to clients.
At N.M.P. Global innovations we understand all too well the impact that promotional and networking activities can have on the value and growth potential of emerging but even established companies. We therefore place great emphasis on developing personalised networking and promotional campaigns and events, aiming to meet your promotional goals and aspirations, focusing on the specificities of your target audience. Our team is dedicated to creating innovative and memorable experiences that will leave a lasting impression, whether it may be seminar of conference organisation, website and social media content development or networking and promotional events. Our services include
Event organisation
At NMP Global Innovation, we understand the importance of a well-organized event. That’s why we have established a tailored and efficient event organization process to ensure the success of each project. Our team at NMP Global Innovation follows a robust process for event planning, which includes thorough research of your target audience, development of clear communication material to best communicate your message and of course attention to detail and immaculate planning. When appropriate we employ attentive event formats such as breakfast cafes, dinner debates and others. Our focus on personalized experiences and our extensive network of collaborators help ensure the success of each event.
Networking and market entry support
NMP can support you in entering new markets through targeted business building strategies. Among others, we identify suitable partners and support networking with appropriate collaborators though participating in meetings, exhibitions and trade shows with or on behalf of our clients. With contacts established already in several EU countries we can achieve quick mobilisation at reduced costs.
Online presence and content management
Brand creation, website and social media content management, networking and promotion are important to every business venture, whether this may be a seasoned company, a start-up or a funded project’s dissemination and communication plan. We utilize a variety of methods to reach your target audience, including television, radio, printed media, social media, blogs, and websites.