NMP Global Innovation Proud to Support PHENOTYPOS Project

11 Jul 2024 | PHENOTYPOS, Projects

NMP Global Innovation is honored to contribute our expertise in marketing and information dissemination to the PHENOTYPOS project. Our goal is to ensure that the groundbreaking work and achievements of this initiative are effectively communicated to both the Cypriot and international communities. We are dedicated to promoting the project’s innovative research and its potential to transform agriculture in the Mediterranean region.

“NMP Global Innovation is delighted to support the PHENOTYPOS project, which stands at the forefront of agricultural research and innovation,” said Nada Panayiotou, CEO of NMP Global Innovation. “We are proud to contribute to a project that promises significant advancements in crop improvement and agricultural sustainability, benefiting both local and global communities.”

About NMP Global Innovation

We specialize in promoting eco-innovative companies and creating unique content and experiences to help clients enhance their market presence in Cyprus and abroad.
For more information about NMP Global Innovation and our involvement in the PHENOTYPOS project, please contact: Nada Panayiotou

CEO, NMP Global Innovation
Email: np@nmpglobalinnovation.com
Phone: +357 99 405 812