NMP Global Innovations Participates in INGUMA Consortium Meeting in Finland

26 Jun 2024 | Events, INGUMA, INGUMA

On June 25-26, 2024, Nada Panayiotou, founder of NMP Global Innovations, attended the INGUMA consortium meeting in Finland. This gathering brought together key stakeholders in the development of sustainable, bio-based materials for the construction industry.

INGUMA, which stands for “ReducINg the footprint of consumer products through public dialoGUe and innovative bio-based MAterials,” is a forward-thinking initiative that addresses one of Europe’s most pressing challenges: shifting from traditional construction models to more sustainable and efficient methods.
The consortium, comprising 14 partners from 9 European countries, spans the entire bio-based construction value chain. It includes representatives from industry, the construction sector, material and product development, manufacturing, social engagement, environmental considerations, and construction practices.
During the two-day meeting, participants discussed INGUMA’s primary objectives:

  1. Developing and scaling up fully recyclable bio-based materials for the construction sector.
  2. Introducing a co-creation process to engage key stakeholders and foster public acceptance of these innovative materials.

Panayiotou noted, “The INGUMA project aligns perfectly with NMP Global Innovations’ commitment to promoting eco-innovative companies. It’s inspiring to see how this consortium is tackling the challenge of sustainable construction head-on.”
The project’s focus on sustainability, inclusion, and aesthetics resonates with the values of the New European Bauhaus initiative, demonstrating a holistic approach to transforming the construction industry.
Key topics discussed during the meeting included:

  • Progress in developing new bio-based materials
  • Strategies for scaling up production
  • Methods for engaging the public and fostering acceptance of these new materials
  • Potential challenges and solutions in implementing these materials in real-world construction projects

As a representative of NMP Global Innovations, Panayiotou contributed insights on effective communication strategies to promote innovative, sustainable solutions to the public and industry stakeholders.

“The INGUMA project represents a significant step towards reducing the environmental footprint of the construction industry,” Panayiotou remarked. “It’s crucial that we not only develop these sustainable materials but also ensure their acceptance and widespread adoption.”
The meeting in Finland provided valuable networking opportunities and set the stage for future collaboration among consortium members.

As the project progresses, NMP Global Innovations looks forward to playing a role in promoting these sustainable innovations and fostering public dialogue on the future of construction.

For more information about INGUMA and its initiatives, interested parties are encouraged to follow updates from the consortium or reach out to NMP Global Innovations for insights on sustainable innovation in the construction sector.