NMP Global Innovations Represents at Greenovate’s 34th G!E General Assembly in Brussels

20 Jun 2024 | Events

On June 19-20, 2024, Nada Panayiotou, founder of NMP Global Innovations, attended the 34th G!E General Assembly organized by Greenovate in Brussels. This conference provided an excellent platform for connecting with and supporting members across the research and innovation value chain.
Greenovate, a network of organizations supporting sustainable innovation, plays a crucial role in fostering connections and amplifying activities through EU-wide knowledge transfer. The management team in Brussels excels at facilitating these connections, bringing together diverse stakeholders from research centers, industrial clusters, innovation consultants, and communication agencies.

During the assembly, Panayiotou represented NMP Global Innovations, a company dedicated to creating unique content and experiences for eco-innovative businesses. The firm focuses on helping clients promote their companies and innovations both in Cyprus and internationally.
As a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in Serbia and Cyprus, Panayiotou brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. Her background in economics, coupled with a passion for marketing, promotion, and event organization, has been instrumental in shaping NMP Global Innovations’ approach to supporting sustainable businesses.
The conference provided valuable insights into the latest trends in sustainable innovation and offered networking opportunities with like-minded professionals from across Europe. It reinforced the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in driving forward eco-friendly solutions and practices.

About NMP Global Innovations:

NMP Global Innovation was founded by Nada Panayiotou, leveraging her extensive experience in various sectors. With a focus on creating unique content and experiences, the company helps clients promote their eco-innovative businesses in Cyprus and abroad. Panayiotou’s background in economics, combined with her passion for marketing, promotion, and event organization, forms the cornerstone of NMP’s approach to supporting sustainable innovation.

About Nada Panayiotou:

Nada Panayiotou is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in Serbia and Cyprus. Her diverse background spans economics, marketing, and event organization. Panayiotou has held key positions in various industries, including financial and marketing management at ATLANTIS & Environment & Innovation, the Yugoslav export and credit bank in Serbia, and Timbertrade International.
She is actively involved in community initiatives, serving as the Director and Founder of the Cyprus Serbian Association and as a Founding Member of the International Business Power Women association. Panayiotou has also been President of the Rotary Club of Nicosia (2018-2019) and Vice President of the American Women Club in Cyprus.

With a strong background in event organization, including seminars, workshops, living labs, charity events, and theater productions, Panayiotou brings a unique energy and dedication to every project she undertakes. Her decision to found NMP Global Innovations stems from her passion for PR and event organization, coupled with her desire to promote innovative companies.

For those interested in learning more about NMP Global Innovations or exploring opportunities for collaboration in the realm of sustainable innovation promotion, please Contact us