Project INGUMA Kickoff Meeting in Bilbao, Spain

12 Jan 2024 | Events

NMP Global Innovation, a leading networking and promotion company, is thrilled to announce the upcoming kickoff meeting for Project INGUMA, organized in collaboration with Atlantis Consulting. The event is scheduled to take place on January 22, 2024, in Bilbao, Spain.

Project INGUMA, spearheaded by ATLANTIS under the CircBio: Ecofriendly consumer products call of the Horizon Europe Program, focuses on the development of environmentally friendly wall panels derived from biomass. ATLANTIS, a seasoned participant in Horizon projects, has entrusted NMP Global Innovation with the responsibility of managing the marketing and networking aspects of this groundbreaking initiative.

Nada Panayiotou, founder and CEO of NMP Global Innovation, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are honored to be part of this innovative venture that aligns with our mission of promoting eco-friendly and sustainable projects. Our team is committed to ensuring the success of Project INGUMA through strategic networking and tailored promotional services.”

The kickoff meeting in Bilbao will serve as a platform for both Atlantis Consulting and NMP Global Innovation to delineate responsibilities and plan milestones for the next four years of the project. With a track record of successful collaboration in eco-innovation and sustainable development projects, ATLANTIS and NMP Global Innovation aim to set new standards in the realm of environmentally conscious initiatives.

As part of the event, Nada Panayiotou will lead discussions on fostering collaboration, sharing insights on effective promotional strategies, and creating synergies among project stakeholders. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about NMP Global Innovation’s expertise in seminar and conference organization, website and social media content development, and networking events.

NMP Global Innovation invites individuals and organizations interested in networking and promotion opportunities to join us in Bilbao for this significant event. To express your interest and learn more about the project and collaborative possibilities, please contact us at

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